Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hey folks! I've been lacking here but chugging along script-wise. After the script frenzy in April, my writing partner Andy and I did a quick redraft of our comedy/thriller Pocket Dialer. I have submitted that and my solo effort, superhero comedy Henchmen to Julie Gray's Silver Screenwriting Competition. In addition to that, Offramps has been entered into Gordy Hoffman's BlueCat Screenplay Competition. As far as non-feature competition, I submitted a spec 30 Rock to the Warner Brothers Writer's Workshop. The quarterfinals for BlueCat go up a week from today so wish me luck. The competition responds to every submission with coverage and the coverage I received was positive overall. I plan to submit all three features to next year's Nicholl's Fellowship and am toying around with submitting at least one to the Final Draft Big Break screenplay contest, although at this point in the deadlines I'm looking at an application price of 65 bucks a pop. Maybe I should hold off and polish for next year's early bird deadline. If all goes well, I should have some sort of announcement every couple weeks until October when I win all five contests. Fingers crossed!