Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie Deal Update

A while back I mentioned that the Movie Deal screenplay contest would be announcing winners in December, then it was pushed to the 15th of January, then the 20th. So I was less than surprised to find the results posted promptly on the evening of January 23rd.

I didn't win, but that's not the issue.

It really wouldn't have bothered me if they had at least updated their website to reflect the delay. In fact, I would have been less upset if they hadn't updated one line of text on the afternoon of the 21st to imply that the announcement of the winners was "moments away" only to leave the site stagnant for 48 hours before any further update.

I would recommend people not enter this contest in the future.

But then, I guess I deserve it for not taking Google's hint.

When you type "The Movie Deal" into Google search bar, the first suggestion is "The Movie Deal Scam."

Go figure.

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